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General Papers

Between neo-corporatism and planning: a French version of the European project Paper
Katia Caldari
Gustav von Schmoller on the evolutionary economic origins of gender roles Paper
Carlo D'Ippoliti
Social Interaction, Envy, and the Basic Income: Do Remedies to Technological Unemployment Reduce Well-being? Paper
Fabio D'Orlando
Incomplete contracts, cooperation and knowledge as a commons Paper
Industrial leadership, market power and long-term performance. Marshall's and Keynes's appreciation of American Trusts Paper
Maria Cristina Marcuzzo, Carlo Cristiano
Social Ontology and Social Structures Paper
Josef Mensik
Gramsci’s letters that Sraffa did not forward to the Italian communist party Paper
Nerio Naldi
The Italian economists as legislators and policymakers during the fascist regime Paper
Giovanni Pavanelli, Giulia Bianchi
Neoliberal policy and social consensus Paper
Paolo Ramazzotti
Rationality and the law in economics: a Hegelian perspective Paper
Stefano Solari
Complexity, conventions and instability: The role of monetary policy Paper
Emanuele Citera, Lino Sau
When Institutions Kill: Between Evolution and Adverse Selection Paper
Digital Protectionism and National Planning in the Twenty-first Century Paper
Altug Yalcintas
Joan Robinson from the generalization of The General Theory to the development of an “Anglo-Italian” Cambridge tradition. Paper
Yara Zeineddine
Storytelling and Choice Paper
Marina Bianchi, Roberta Patalano
Capital mobility and absolute advantages in international trade theory Paper
Enrico Bellino
Keynes’s personal investments in the London Stock Exchange and his view of the transformation of the British economy Paper
Eleonora Sanfilippo, Cristina Marcuzzo
William J. Baumol And The New Welfare Economics Debate: 1940 – 1970 Paper
Anna Noci
From Divergence to Convergence: The Making of Mathematical Economics between 1933 and 1967 Paper
Thiago Dumont Oliveira
Institutionalist Clues in the Thought of Niklas Luhmann Paper
Maurizio Caserta, Salvatore Spagano
"Scientific norms" as epistemological obstacles? Re-reading the Cahuc and Zylberberg's controversy in good company (with Bachelard, Canguilhem, Kuhn and Gaston-Granger) Paper
Pierre Leviaux
A historical review on the role of education: from human capital to human capabilities Paper
Silvia Leoni
On capital theory and professor Schefold: some first observations Paper
Fabio Petri
Democratic rules and autonomy in Schumpeter’s theory of democracy Paper
Stéphane LONGUET, Odile Lakomski-Laguerre
Madisionian Constitutionalism and European Union in James M. Buchanan's Thought Paper
Gabriele Ciampini
Pairwise Imitation and the Evolution of Conventions Paper
Nicola Campigotto
Tax Justice as Reciprocity: Between Exchange and Gift Paper
paolo silvestri
Rodrik may be right on the plurality of models, but what about teaching? The case of international trade Paper
Andrea Salanti
Systems Theory, Hayek, and Schumpeter in the 21st Century: Re-examining classical dynamic frameworks for modern culture and technology Paper
Guinevere Liberty Nell
Sustainability and Environmental Policies in a Post-Keynesian Growth Model (Old Title: A Classical Approach to Environmental Sustainability: a Green Productivity Function) Paper
Giulio Guarini
How computer science has contributed to the social sciences and how it can give a new form to policy making Paper
Pietro Terna
The cultural and aesthetic roots of The Joyless Economy Paper
Viviana Di Giovinazzo
Irregular economy, crime and income inequality: a vicious circle? Paper
Enzo Valentini, Fabio Clementi
The causes and consequences of general-purpose technological progress: Evidence from the adoption of steam engines in 19th-century France Paper
Leonardo Ridolfi
Intellectual and social similarity among scholarly journals. An exploratory comparison of the networks of editors, authors and co-citations Paper
Alberto Baccini, Lucio Barabesi, Yves Gingras, Mahdi Kelfaoui
A framework model structure of the relationship between values, individual and social norms, and current global trends Paper
Anna Horodecka
José G. Vargas-Hernández, Ricardo Pérez Ortega
Divided Majorities: Public Information and Persuasion Paper
Luca Ferrari
Firm beliefs and long-run demand effects in a labor-constrained model of growth and distribution Paper
Daniele Tavani, Luke Petach
Cross-Border Financial Effects of Global Warming In a Two-Area Ecological SFC Model paper
Riccardo Pariboni, Emilio Carnevali, Matteo Deleidi, Marco Veronese Passarella
With or Without Homo Economicus: A Theoretical Implication of the Advent of Smithian Economics in the Ottoman Empire Paper
M. Erdem Ozgur, Eyup Ozveren, Alp Yucel Kaya
Human capital, skills and wages in historical perspective Paper (Federico et al.) Paper (Bozzano, Cappelli)
Michelangelo Vasta
«Commanere facit civitatem»: money as a social institution in the commentaries of Albert the Great and Thomas Aquinas to Aristotle’s “Ethica Nicomachea” Paper
Tommaso Brollo
The Economics of Sallustio Bandini: a Model on the Velocity of Circulation of Money Paper
Andrea Galeotti
Are we heading for neurotransmitters of monetary policy? On the continuous need of economics for an exogenous foundation and a possible monetary alternative Paper
Lorenzo Esposito
Heterodox economics and Economic Anthropology: reflections prompted by a recent book Paper
Sergio Cesaratto
On the populism of laissez-faire in America, 1960-1985 paper
Roberto Romani
Murat Bakeev
Demand- and Supply-side Drivers of Labour Productivity Growth: an empirical assessment for G7 countries Paper
Walter Paternesi Meloni
Crime and Economics Paper (Lucarelli, Perone) Paper (Clementi, Valentini) Paper (Buonanno et al.)
Stefano Lucarelli
Unity of Science and Disunity of Economics Paper
Angela Ambrosino, Mario Aldo Cedrini, John B. Davis
A critical review on the contemporary epistemic status in Economics and Law: Towards a rediscovery of both disciplines as part of the Humanities Paper
On the Economic Interpretation of the Concepts of Mathematical Expectation and Moral Expectation and their Counterexamples: The Classical Solutions Paper
Alberto Héctor Landro, Mirta Lidia Gonzalez
A study of the nature of the Wicksellian rate of interest on capital from technical to social issues Paper
Léon Guillot
Fear and Loathing on the Campaign Trail: Did immigration cause Brexit? Paper
Max Viskanic
Is cultural diversity a curse or a boon for economic performance? Paper
Alexander Kovalenkov
Personal Income Distribution and Progressive Taxation in a Neo-Kaleckian Model: Insights from the Italian case Paper
Maria Cristina Barbieri Góes
Investment, Autonomous Demand and Long Run Capacity Utilization: An Empirical Test for the Euro Area Paper
Ettore Gallo
Home Economics: Raising Family Welfare Through Education to Rational Consumption, 1923-1945 Paper
Agnes Le Tollec
Broadening the History of Economic Thought: Stretching across disciplines Paper
Sam de Muijnck
Determination of the pattern of specialization as a cost-minimizing system. A note on the importance of distributive closures in models of value and distribution for small and open economies Paper
Guido Ianni
Natural prices, justice and social conventions in Adam Smith's thought Paper
Thomas Ruellou
Inflation and Conflict in an open Economy: a Sraffian analysis of the Scandinavian model of inflation. Paper
Guilherme Spinato Morlin, Carlos Pinkusfeld Bastos
A Reinterpretation of General Rules of Morality in The Theory of Moral Sentiments from a Perspective of Evolutionary Economics Paper
Takahiko Kan
Hayekian Money Market, Cryptocurrencies and Economics of Development Paper
Piero Sraffa and the revaluation of the lira in Italy: some early thoughts on the open economy? Paper
Santiago José Gahn, Pedro Siqueira Machado
Malthus in Russia: Russia’s demographics in the framework of Malthusian theory Paper
Denis Melnik, Maxim Markov
Giovanni Scarano
The impact of financialization on the rate of profit: a discussion Paper
Stefano Di Bucchianico
Some considerations on the scheme of Civil Economy in contrast to Neoclassical Political Economy and Social Market Economy Paper
Riccardo Soliani, Guido Tortorella Esposito
Some Notes On Pierangelo Garegnani And The «Normal Positions Method» In The Classical Theory Of Value And Distribution Paper
Matteo Pepe
Price, Distribution and Accumulation in a three sectors-peripheral economy through the lens of the Classical-Keynesian Approach. A formal representation of the O’Donnell’s Argentine Pendulum (1956-1976) Paper
Ramiro Eugenio Alvarez
Capital mobility and unequal exchange in international trade Paper
Saverio Maria Fratini
Pension reforms in post-communist economies: between state and market Paper
Mikhail Miriakov
Back to the roots of human capital: a tale of two alternative approaches Paper
Fabrizio Antenucci
The Driving Forces Behind Experimental Economics Paper
Andrej Svorenčík
From The Social Dimension Of The Subsistence To The Social Role Of Consumption Paper
Claudio Cantaro
Getting rid of a parenthetical ‘must’: the unintended consequences of non uniform profit rates in Sraffa’s equations Paper
Sergio Nisticò
The Impact of Culture and Tradition on the Participation of Sudanese Women in Labour Force (1990-2018) Paper
Khalid Hassan Elbeely
On the monetary nature of the principle of effective demand Paper
Giancarlo Bertocco
With or Without Homo Economicus: A Theoretical Implication of the Advent of Smithian Economics in the Ottoman Empire Paper
M. Erdem Ozgur
Divided Majorities: Public Information and Persuasion Paper
Luca Ferrari
The reason of the oblivion Paper
José Torres Remírez
The Early Mathematics of Welfare: the contribution of Bruno de Finetti. Paper
Mario Pomini
No One Should Have Less: J. E. Meade’s Social Dividend in the Years of ‘High Theory’ Paper
cosma orsi
The Value of Political Connections in Fascist Italy — Stock Market Returns and Corporate Networks paper
Tiziana Foresti, Nadia Garbellini, Ariel Luis Wirkierman
Development and social and economic structures Paper
Gianni Vaggi
Sraffa on the monetary theory of distribution and inequality Paper
Stefano Zambelli
Sortition versus Factionalism Paper
Maurizio Caserta, Salvatore Spagano
Government investment effect: an empirical assessment for the euro area countries Paper
Francesca Iafrate, Enrico Sergio Levrero, Matteo Deleidi
Transactions in the case of positional goods Paper
Massimiliano Vatiero
The price puzzle for the US economy: an empirical assessment of the cost channel Paper
Matteo Deleidi, Enrico Sergio Levrero, Maria Chiara Cucciniello
International division of labour, Industry 4.0 and countries’ competitiveness. The case of Italy and Germany Paper
Nadia Garbellini
The Structure of Scientific Disciplines. Some Notes on the Epistemology of Algorithmic Representations of Disciplines Paper
Eugenio Petrovich
The quest for full employment in the early postwar USADefinitional issues and policy debates Paper
Antonella Palumbo, Paolo Paesani
Capital, competition and equilibrium. The Hicksian week and the nature of the neowalrasian theory Paper
Paolo Trabucchi, Ariel Dvoskin
A survey of Economics teaching at Italian universities Paper
Michela Ciccotosto
Uncertainties that are not risks: contextualizing the Ellsberg Paradox Paper
Carlo Zappia
Positional goods and social welfare: A note on George Pendleton Watkins’ neglected contribution Paper
Massimiliano Vatiero, Luca Fiorito
On capital theory and professor Schefold: some first observations Untitled () Untitled ()
Fabio Petri
Early theories about speculation on stock exchanges and organized commodity mark Paper
Annalisa Rosselli, Paolo Paesani
A short story of the Phillips curve: from Phillips to Friedman… and back? Paper
Antonella Stirati, Walter Paternesi Meloni
The Economics of Consumption as a social phenomenon and the debate on the aggregate consumption function in the forties Paper
Attilio Trezzini
“Is Cross-fertilization possible in macroeconomics? DSGE confronted to MABM models” Paper
Muriel Dal Pont Legrand
Smith versus Pivetti. Un’analisi di uno storico dibattito sul ruolo delle spese militari nel sistema economico capitalista. Paper
Eleonora Gentilucci
The Impact of Culture and Tradition on the Participation of Sudanese Women in Labour Force Paper
Khalid Hassan Elbeely
On the origins of econometrics in Australia. The contributions of Maurice Belz and Robert W. James Paper
Guido Erreygers
The Functions and Distribution of Household Debt – A Study on US Data Paper
Orsola Costantini, Carlo D'Ippoliti
Economic Things, Legal Persons and the Hybrid Business Corporation Paper
Ugo Pagano
Does Ethical Behavior Fade Over Time? Explorations in Repeated Trust Games Paper
Pierre J Lacour
‘The place of the Phillips curve’ in macroeconometric models: the case of the Fed-MIT-Penn model Paper
Antonella Rancan
The Quiet Revolution in Dutch Politics How economics changed the norms for Dutch Electoral Programmes Paper
Jack Birner
Economia dello sviluppo e politiche di intervento nel Mezzogiorno: un’analisi dei fondi strutturali Paper
Claudia Sunna

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